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Questions About Strategic Betting. Answered.

Strategic Betting is a unique daily horse racing betting and trading advisory service. It shows you how to build betting profits by following a simple horse racing betting strategy. It doesn’t distract or overwhelm you with too many bets or unrealistic stakes and and it’s particularly suited to people who wish to invest £500 or less into their betting bank. It doesn’t matter if you are betting and trading already or you’re starting entirely from scratch, Strategic Betting is perfect for you.

To start and grow betting profits, you need sound betting advice. But even the best tipsters suffer losing runs, so in order to succeed at betting you need more than just great advice. The key to returning a long-term profit is to fully understand the impact losing bets have on your betting bank by preserving capital through limiting controllable losses & maximising profits.

Strategic Betting will educate, inspire, support and teach everything you need to know to successfully build betting profits and take your betting to the next level. Regardless of your experience, ranging from a complete newbie to the more advanced bettor, we’ve put together a service that’s easy to follow and understand. If you can use a computer and surf the net, then just follow our proven zero liability horse racing betting strategy and you’ll be on your way. If you genuinely want to improve your betting and begin generating consistent weekly profits then start here.

Zero Liability Betting – The Horse Racing Betting Strategy That Works!

Succesfull Horse Racing Betting Strategy

It’s a sad fact that 98% of punters are losing money long-term, however it stands to reason, that if 98% are losing, then 2% surely must be winning. So, what are 2% are doing differently? Well the obvious answer is the exact opposite to everyone else.

With that in mind, our innovative horse racing betting strategy offers you a unique opportunity to challenge the status quo in the horse racing world by joining a service that focuses on the one area the vast majority of punters ignore – staking.

It’s hardly surprising that punters find the subject of staking a difficult concept to grasp, this is due to the fact that we can only guess at our future strike rates and how many losses the staking plan will need to withstand. For example, there’s no point backing a 5/1 winner if your next 6 bets end up losing. As a result, the complexity involved in ensuring winning returns are greater than losing stakes, makes creating a suitable staking plan virtually impossible.

When betting traditionally you are completely dependent on your next bet winning in order to prevent your betting bank decreasing further, without actually appreciating that in reality the majority of the bets you place will end up losing. Therefore achieving a reasonable profit level each month requires employing a large betting bank coupled with discipline and nerves of steel. Sadly, this is not a recipe of ingredients that average punters possess. Most punters therefore spend their lives trying to find a tipster who can deliver them a consistently high enough strike rate to make them a profit – the majority are sadly disappointed.

Unlike other tipping services who focus on the end return, our aim at Strategic Betting is to keep potential losses to a minimum.

The amount of profit we make for our members is not solely based on picking as many winning selections as possible, but by carefully staking all selections to avoid reducing the betting bank. Our unique zero liability horse racing betting strategy is designed to ensure that we lose virtually nothing on the losers but collect modest profits on the winners and that’s a strategy that simply cannot fail to deliver profits.

Four Key Steps

Essentially, there are four elements:
Low Risk Strategies: We don’t believe that in order to make big profits that you must take big risks. Therefore the horse racing betting strategy we employ is primarily focused on not losing money.

Staking: Our staking is particularly suited to punters with limited resources. With two or three bets per race we stake in such a way that we secure a return in the majority of races regardless of the result.

In Running Markets: The betting exchange ‘in running’ markets are a key element to our approach and allow us to make strategic changes to the initial bet after the start, locking in profits and limiting liabilities.

Selective Betting: One of the most powerful weapons we hold is choice. Betting strategically involves being selective and waiting for the right opportunities.

Basic to Advanced

Strategic Betting doesn’t just cover the basics. You get access to our inside secrets, winning insights, and advanced strategies. Breakthrough strategies that will provide you with a winning edge over the majority of punters who will be still hopelessly following the crowd.

Simply by following our proven horse racing betting strategy – patiently and consistently you will find yourself applying our unique staking blueprint to all your bets and trades, constantly seeking and exploiting new profit making betting opportunities.

As long as you’re motivated, patient, prepared to follow our simple strategies, and willing to invest in your betting to do what needs to be done, in order to maximise profits and reduce controllable losses, then you too can create a decent income from betting which you can be proud of.

One-Stop Resource

Strategic Betting is your one-stop resource. It’s everything you need, all in one place. With our zero liability horse racing strategy fully explained, step by step beginners guide, videos, tools, resources, betting exchange strategies discussed, live online trading sessions and members only forum, it’s the only resource you will ever need.

Plus a goldmine of additional information in the members only forums.

With Strategic Betting’s member’s only forum, you can get ‘Live’ help, guidance, support and inspiration from our team.

The Betting World is Divided Into Two Types of People…

Here’s something to think about.

The world of betting is divided into two types of people. The realists and the fantasists. The fantasists believe in ‘get rick quick schemes’ and miracles. Their kind is as old as the hills. They think there is a magical key that unlocks betting profits. We see it in punters all the time. Some think the latest tipster or newest betting system is all they need.

We see it in would-be traders all the time. They too think some new system and a few weeks study will miraculously coin money. The realists are different. They know good things rarely come easily. That you only succeed the old-fashioned way, by knowing more and applying it.

Are you a realist? If so then this service, and all it contains, was created for you.

Over the years we have helped more people than we can remember. But we do remember how many of them have gone on to succeed thanks to the kind of advice you will find here. Many have become full time traders in their own right. Quite a few of them.

There is a wealth of advice, examples, answers to questions and analysis here that will make a lasting difference to your betting, your profits and your future. Be our guest.

Here is what we want you to do:

1. Sign up for our Zero Liability Horse Racing Betting Strategy – it’s completely free. You also get some really useful insights and it fully explains how to generate profits from a betting bank of just £500 or less with our zero liability horse racing betting strategy… in under 30 days, without taking unrealistic risks, chasing losses, or backing any odds on shots.

2. And if you like, road test the 28 day free trial of the Strategic Betting Service.

Why should you take this risk-free trial?

If, based on what you’ve read so far or seen on our website or blog, you like our approach and you think we can help, this will interest you.

But we wondered what might make you act, so we thought up a unique three-part guarantee for you, so you don’t have to take our word for their value:

So Why Not Take a 28-day No-Risk Trial
 of the Strategic Betting Service?

Join me for the first 28 days and see how it feels to you.

See whether this isn’t finally the help, the advice and the thinking you’ve been looking for – but may never have quite found. Watch, listen and read as much as you like. Download as much as you like. Participate as much as you like.

And only after the 28 days are up – when you’re completely satisfied that I deliver what I promise and it’s really what you want – will your credit card be charged. And even after that, you’re covered by two more guarantees!

Support is Always at Your Fingertips

Access the member only forum, ‘live betting sessions’ and tutorials. You are never alone at Strategic Betting. We offer member resources, tools and personal support at every step of the way. Our support team is on standby whenever you need them, to assist you with any membership-related questions.

Our goal when creating Strategic Betting was to make the process of learning how to make money from betting as easy and as comprehensive as possible. Once you give Strategic Betting a try and see the results for yourself, we’re confident you’ll want to come back to it again and again.

There has never been a better time to join. No other service covers the zero liability approach to making money from betting like Strategic Betting does and no other service gives you everything you need to succeed, the zero liability horse racing betting strategy, the resource centre and the members only forum to assist you at every hurdle and help you to achieve your ultimate betting goals. So take the plunge.

Commonly Asked Questions

What sort of betting bank is required to follow the service?

Our horse racing betting strategy is designed to be used with a £200 betting bank, though it can work with any bank between £50 and £500. Although it is possible to use a larger bank, the strategy becomes increasingly difficult to apply – using a £2000 bank is unlikely to produce ten times the returns from using a £200 bank.

Is this some kind of get rich quick scheme or unworkable system?

Quite the opposite. We do not risk large stakes to win large sums of money 30% of the time we place a bet, instead we opt to secure more modest returns 80% of the time. On the remaining occasions when a bet goes wrong we aim to break even on the race or lose up to a maximum of £5. Profits grow slowly and steadily over a period of time.

If I join, what is the best way for me to profit from your service?

When you join the service you will receive a welcome pack which includes a guide on how to use the information in our daily columns and our zero liability horse racing betting strategy. You can bet every day or just once a week if you wish – unlike other services where you may find all their winners happen on days you are not betting, we aim to provide a profit from the majority of the daily columns.

Do you have losing days or losing runs?

Yes, you should expect losing days. However, our staking is designed to ensure that when we are wrong our losses are small. Sometimes we will get a race wrong yet we will come out of the race with a token profit. By ensuring we lose as little as possible when we make mistakes we ensure we avoid the sense of panic that many punters feel when they see their betting banks shrink further with every loss.

What kind of person joins this service?

The service is best suited to punters with limited resources who wish to make small amounts regularly. The service is designed to be used by anyone regardless of their knowledge and ability and we provide email support and a chat forum to help with any queries. Obviously, the more time you are prepared to devote the greater your returns, though the service can be used by the once a week punter for smaller monthly returns.