Betting Advice – The Each-Way Bets

Bookmakers have dubbed the people who use these bets “Each Way Thieves” as they put the odds so much in your favour – which explains why Big Mike likes them so much!

Each way doubles are so unpopular with the bookmakers as mathematically the odds are very much in the bettor’s favour when using this method. It is now also possible to lay off some of the bet via Betfair in the same way that a good bookmaker would too, making it even more favourable.

This method allows you to protect your profits, reduce your losses and keep your betting banks safe. You will take little less than with an outright win but it guarantees you can’t lose overall. This makes it the perfect strategy for profitable betting, though thrill-seeking gamblers won’t be impressed with such a safe approach.

There are 3 different each way doubles provided by each day’s racing (with different targeted races):

  1. 1. The Double Diamond

    This is ordinarily used with two shorter priced horses in win singles and a mathematical each way double usually played “straight” – win-to-win and place-to-place. It is commonly considered the safest of the main bets.

  2. 2. The Dunlop

    This is more extensive. Mike place two each-way singles and and each-way double bet, usually on two horses priced above 9/4 (often played each way “equally divided”). The selection prices are inclined to be higher than with the Double Diamond. This has the advantage that you can still make a profit on one horse if the other one flops.

  3. 3. The Ali Baba

    This is akin to the Double Diamond but the stakes are lower. It is also a so-called “thieving” bet usually played in each-way singles and each-way doubles.

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