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Strategic Betting’s Saturday Betting Advice & Horse Racing Each Way Double

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Another Coffee Morning set of starts. Great card at Cheltenham and one or two possible frames to enjoy both a proper bet and another HQ `Gluesniffer`.

Sports bets – Last nights Rugby bet over at the main service won I am pleased to say and on top of that by using the Chatroom some members have picked up a way to make more from these Handicap bets by betting in running. Last night for instance after early scores Glasgow were offered +15 on the In running Handicap. My advice to all when seeing 5pts and upwards margin in running is to `lock in` the profit by betting a percentage of the main bet ON THE OTHER SIDE with Handicap thus having a GUARANTEED win. Its an excellent ploy and shows many members are on the way to Trading matches the correct way. I will be posting another Rugby bet on the Chatroom and on the Sports thread on the Forum a bit later.

In Racing one always has to find an `edge`. Today we have that and my advice is to use who are opffering Best Odds Guaranteed AND their excellent Freefall offer at Cheltenham. (Stakes refunded if horse FALLS etc) My bets are played via them today.

Big Mike’s Thursday Betting Advice & Each Way Double Brewed by Tetley

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Good morning all……just the one meeting now having lost Leafy to the weather. Before any of us make any sarcastic statements about “all weather” tracks, I think it’s fair to say that 8 inches of snow really does make racing impossible, so I have no quibbles about it being abandoned. At the moment it’s difficult to see when racing will resume as normal, and we should all tread very carefully when it does, as some trainers have far better facilities than others.

Strategic Betting’s Saturday Betting Advice & Horse Racing Each Way Double

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Good morning.

Firstly Welcome to the Triallists/New Members from `False Favourites` – (over at my paid for service).

I hope you will give my service a bit of time as to quote an old respected buddy of mine it requires a `Complete Change of Mindset`. We dont gamble here and take a much more defensive approach and some often suggest its `boring`. Mind you many of those suggesting that approach have been with me 8+ years. Anyway any newcomer should view the Forum and posts there to get up to speed and please make use of the Forum – and also the Forum Chatroom. NB: You will need to join us as a free member in order to access the above resources.

Big Mike’s Wednesday Betting Advice, Full Column & Latest Results +£6496 So Far!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Big Mikes Wednesday Column

Good morning. The recession may still be with us but my independent compiler cheered me no end this morning with the latest result sheets.

Available to everyone as well – just email me on & I will forward them on to you.

Briefly – From 1st September 2010 until 22nd November 2010 we are AHEAD by £6496. Nothing hidden – all losses (without hedging) accounted for as well.

Summary is :-

Double Diamond 2174
Dunlop 1588
Ali Baba 393
Buzzer 33
Hughies 118
Bernie 467
Rambo 115
Ringmaster 6
BMB 612
Singles 81
Combos 909

Total +6496

All disciplines show a profit which I have to be totally honest and say is a FIRST for me over the past decade where EVERY discipline is in profit. Maybe I am still putting to good use the little things picked up each day (I will come to that later) via the Exchanges and gradually producing what could be the blue print for betting in the future. In other words – keep reducing the downside!

Strategic Betting’s Saturday Betting Advice & Horse Racing Combination Bet

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Yesterdays poor day highlighted the importance of the strategy when the very first selection finished out of the first three after being laid in running to 1.12 on the place. So hopefully most members achieved stake retrieval.

Many in the chatroom wanted me again to spell out what to do in order to try and save stakes and I have shown the levels to lay on todays Dunlop & you can make similar calculations in other bets as well.

Lets hope it works.